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Our Kondo diamond drill bit will help you speed through cleaning up underneath the proximal nail fold. Kondo is extremely gentle but will efficiently remove dead skin particles from the nail plate, especially those sitting just below the skin fold. (Perfect bit for beginners)

An important note on our Get Buffed Pro E-file bit speeds....... 

What speed should you use your E-file bit at? 

This is a tricky question as there are so many different E-files (of varying quality!!) on the market worldwide. But here is what we use in our salons as a guide. 

Sarah generally uses our GBP Pompeii bit at 19-22k, whereas Cathy uses it at 20-25k depending on what product is being removed - 20k for builder gel,  25k for acrylic, but please note that Sarah's and Cathy's E-files are not the same, and we're guessing that Cathy's is not quite as powerful as Sarah's E file.....

For our GBP Diamond bits Jupiter, Kondo and Rocket, Sarah uses them at 6 - 8k and Cathy uses them at 10k to 15k. 

Always remember that the most important thing when using your E-file is to have confidence. If you're new to the skill, lots of practice on something other than a human finger is required!

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