Complete E-File Bit Set and Case

Get Buffed Pro


This set is quite simply the Bees Knees! It incorporates our four most popular drill bits - Pompeii - our 2 way Volcano bit, Rocket, Jupiter and Kondo all in a beautifully presented plastic case that will help keep your bits clean.

An important note on our Get Buffed Pro E-file bit speeds.......
What speed should you use your E-file bit at? This is a tricky question as there are so many different E-files (of varying quality!!) on the market worldwide. But here is what we use in our salons as a guide.
Sarah generally uses our GBP Pompeii bit at 19-22k, whereas Cathy uses it at 20-25k depending on what product is being removed - 20k for builder gel,  25k for acrylic, but please note that Sarah's and Cathy's E-files are not the same, and we're guessing that Cathy's is not quite as powerful as Sarah's E file.....
For our GBP Diamond bits Jupiter, Kondo and Rocket, Sarah uses them at 6 - 8k and Cathy uses them at 10k to 15k.
Always remember that the most important thing when using your E-file is to have confidence. If you're new to the skill, lots of practice on something other than a human finger is required!

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