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This brand new addition to the Nail Cards deck is a Crystal Application card that you draw together with the rest of your nail cards! No need to worry about placement, these cards will show you an exact design you can incorporate into your set.

Each card features a captivating main crystal design, complemented by two smaller placements and two color examples. With 20 crystal placement design cards, the creative possibilities are endless!
Crystal Application expansion pack comes in the same stylish collector's box as the Original Nail Cards, but with a slimmer profile and magnetic closure. We've added luxurious gold printing to the box, creating an extra touch of opulence when you adorn your nails with crystals.
Embrace the magic of crystals and let your nail art shine like never before. Join the Crystal Application revolution today and unlock your artistic potential!
Deck of 20 cards with 5 crystal designs on each.
Comes in a collector's box, featuring the same stylish design as the original Nail Cards and added gold printing.
All designs are painted by Celina Rydén

SKU: MF012 TAGS: cards, card deck, Moonflair

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